Full Name

Rachel Glover



Hair Colour

Dark Red

Eye Colour

Ice Blue






Rachel is a bit of an enigma. Very quiet and often defensive, she tends to lock herself up when confronted by people she doesn't know, and gets especially anxious in crowded places. She's definitely smart and knows more about the mysterious D-Port that the group carry around than anyone else in the group, but she's unassertive about her opinions and getting her to open up is tricky. When she does speak, it's short, abrupt and to the point.

Despite her anxiety around the other tamers Rachel seems perfectly at home in unfamiliar environments, able to get on with the Digimon far more easily, though she's far from adventurous. She also looks up to certain people; not many, but a few who she really tries to make close friendships with. Even then, however, she can seem detached, and you get the feeling that she's still waiting for something.