Full Name

Lucy Martinet



Hair Colour


Eye Colour







Lucy is an utter space-case. A girl of few emotions and fewer words, she has a tendency to wander and has a love for anything weird and unusual. She enjoys collecting things, from soft toys to weird rocks to pencils from random places, and as such her bag is usually full to bursting with odd trinkets. She has a vivid imagination and, when she does speak, it's usually in a soft, poetic whisper, though she doesn't speak English all that well.

Lucy is ditzy and inherently distractable, and is often seemingly oblivious to anything dangerous going on around her, even in the real world, from cars to sudden drops. She's always smiling and is happy to join in with the fun and games where she can, and although she's neither the smartest nor the most focused in the group she always sees everything with fresh eyes and can spot things that the others have missed, though she may forget to bring it up. She also has the tendency to bite at her fingernails. A lot.