Full Name

Joel Kelly



Hair Colour

Dark Red-Brown

Eye Colour







Joel is, to be completely honest, a bit of a brat. He strops at the smallest thing and is incredibly stubborn, refusing point-blank to move anywhere he doesn't want to unless he's physically moved. Even then he won't come quietly; he has a hair-trigger temper and is very quick to start scuffles with anyone in range, whether they're bigger than him or not. He does have the tiniest bit of sense and tends not to pick fights with massive Champion level Digimon, but that's about the limit.

When he's not throwing the latest tantrum, he's very active and has an incredible drive and energy. He's also very curious and is eager to explore, although he gets bored very easily and will sometimes wander off in the middle of a conversation. His stubbornness also give him a natural bravado, for better or for worse, and he has a great survival instinct even in such a perilous world.