Full Name

George Westland



Hair Colour

Dirty Blonde

Eye Colour







George has an intellectual streak and enjoys finding out about the world. He is insanely curious and is constantly searching for new animals, buildings, people; anything new and unique that he can jot down or sketch in his journal. Despite being spoiled rotten by his parents he prefers the simpler things in life, and tends to spend much of his time just hanging around other kids; if not to play, then at least to observe. More often than not this can end up getting him in trouble.

He has a bright outlook on life but tends to stay at a distance. While he's a great speaker and is very intelligent and witty he finds it difficult to make connections with people, and as such has a tendency to talk at them or around them, rather than being a particularly good or empathetic listener. He tries though, and while he's not so good at the emotional stuff himself he's a great mediator; always willing to step in and sort out a disagreement.