How Did It All Begin?

Before the war, a Digimon had a terrible vision.

After the war, a scientist had an incredible inspiration.

One world, a world of monsters; run through forced order and plagued by rogue Nightmare Soldiers.

The other, a world recuperating; governed by new possibilities and witness to frightening new technology.

It was an accident, whereby two worlds clashed for the first time. Seven children were lost to the ether, and mere days later, only six returned.

It was an accident that would forever change the fates of both worlds, and set off chain after chain of events that would one day lead to Ragnarok.

It was an accident, that serves as the very beginning of our saga.

Watch your hands, or you're gonna get burned.

Playing with Matches is a short story set long before the events of Inferno, detailing the journey of the very first tamers in the Ascending universe. It isn't necessary to have read Inferno to understand it, although it might offer some additional insight onto certain parts of it.

The story is rated T (Teen) for moderate bloody violence.

Explore, and enjoy, for this is how our story all began.