Full Name

Alasdair Watts



Hair Colour

Dark Brown

Eye Colour







Alasdair has a very caring streak about him, and having three younger sisters (one of whom was born only a few months ago) he takes it upon himself to fulfil the fatherly figure that his own father sometimes struggles with, the family having recently returned to Britain from Jamaica. He has a careful nature and tries to avoid taking risks, although he can get flustered when the people around him don't share his caution.

He tends not to show his feelings too much to the people around him, and often focuses on keeping dependable friendships above anything else, which can make him seem closed, stand-offish and a tad rude at times. He's also very cynical and has a tendency to assume the worst in any situation, though to his credit he will always try to think of a way to fix it if he can.